Solapur Fabrics was established in 1980, and has adhered to it's strict quality procedures to date. Solapur Fabrics provided the Indian market with the finest cotton fabric towels till 1990.

In 1991, Solapur Fabrics went international. The foray into the international market created a huge demand for the high quality towels.

To meet the growing demand and to keep up the quality, Solapur Fabrics enhanced it's production facilities with the latest fully functional automatic looms and powerlooms.

The major overseas client base covers countries in the Middle East, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Canada etc.

To segregate and cater to the unique requirements of the national and international markets, Solapur Fabrics turned into two units in 1993, Solfab Exports and SF Marketing.

Solfab Exports became the international face for Solapur Fabrics.